Both City Mouse and Country Mouse

Nature is my happy place. Being outside is an immediate cure for stress, worry and irritation. When I talk to my Mom on the phone, she can tell if I’m outside because she says I sound “lighter.” It’s true. I have always been that way. I feel more grounded when I am outside, whether I am sleeping in a hammock like the good ole camp days, digging in the dirt in my garden or just sitting on my porch swing. Being outside reminds me of what’s real and brings me back to a place where the Sun, the birds, the bugs, the frogs and all the plants are connected in this vast, and well-orchestrated Creation that is so much bigger than whatever miniscule thing that has me worried. And then I feel grateful, which is probably the lightness my Mom hears on the phone.

On the flip side, I don’t think I could ever truly live in the country. I love the outdoors, but I also hate driving “to town.” I love the convenience of the city and the wonderful events and interactions that abound there. In particular, I love Memphis, TN. I was born and raised here, so I’m a little biased, but I will be talking a lot about my sweet hometown in the near future. I love having options of things to do at any given moment, and the abundance of friends here to do them with. I love that Memphis is a big/small town, where you are very likely to run into the same people, but you’ll never quite know everyone. I love that we have theater, opera, ballet, an unmatchable music scene, some great food and fantastic museums. You don’t get all of that in the country. So the city is where I shall stay.

The lightbulb came on about turning this into a both/and when I opened my Christmas presents to receive both a Kate Spade purse, perfect for the office, and two pieces of cast iron for cooking over a fire. With my handbag in one hand and frying pan in the other, and with new found inspiration to live the both/and life, I set out to create my own little farm and self-grounding happy place right in my backyard. There is plenty to do, but a raised vegetable garden, a compost heap, a bee hive and a chicken coop are in various stages of the process. Stay tuned for more on how I am creating the balanced life I have always dreamed of, one step at a time.

What either/or can you turn into a both/and?


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  1. This shows that you have appreciated both sides. That is something that so many people can’t see. Good for you


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