Living the Both/And Life

For as long as I can remember, I have felt like my goals, my interests and my gifts were split right down the middle like two opposing forces. In my mind, these opposites were warring in my head, and I have struggled to discern which path to follow. Was I going to live in the city I love, or live somewhere surrounded by nature? Was I going to set out to be a high-heel wearing, briefcase-toting future CEO, or was I going to dedicate my career to grassroots non-profit work? Was I ever going to learn the self-discipline to make things happen, or was I going to strive to be content with my many blessings in life? This year, I have decided none of these things have to be either/or scenarios. All of these seemingly opposite things are within my grasp, and I will build my both/and kind of life, one brick at at time.


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